Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boys of Summer

My Father has been spending the last couple of weeks telling me to go to Him with everything and I mean EVERYTHING. You always hear people say, "God cares about the small stuff" and "He is in the details" and "He knows what you're thinking". I've believed it but hadn't really experienced it I guess. I can feel His presence and I hear His voice but I never really noticed him in the really small stuff, the stuff so small that I don't really give it much thought anymore. I KNOW that I KNOW that He cares about me. But today He showed me how much He cares about the details.

Today I asked Him, "God, how do you see me?" He showed me brown hair blowing and I said, "OK. Thanks for my brown hair...It's not really brown anymore but..." Then He said, "No, you don't understand." and He played a song. My eyes filled with tears.

Have you ever listened to a song and wished someone had written that song about you? I have two songs, Boys of Summer by Don Henley and She's Everything by Brad Paisley. From Boys of Summer it's the chorus, "I can see you, brown skin shining in the sun, you got your hair combed back, sunglasses on baby" and from She's Everything, it's the word picture, "She's a Saturn with a sun roof, brown hair a blowing." I think these songs move me because the writers of both songs were reminiscing over the smallest details, and I wanted someone to notice little things like that about me.

And Someone does.

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