Friday, February 17, 2012

141. Stacks of books laying around the house.

I love books. I love the color of the pages and I really love the color of the edges of the pages when they get a little old and dirty. And when the over gets crinkly and dirty, forget about it~ I will find a way to display that most loved book for everyone to see. I love to take the fancy cover off of hard back books, I feel really sophisticated when I read them that way. I love the inside of the books. I love the emotions poured into the sentences and the arrangement of words and the way I completely escape into a book and forget about everything going on around me.

I always judge a book by the cover and title. If I like the cover of a book or think the title is clever, I'll buy the book without even knowing the content with in. (Before you make judgements about me you should know I used to do this with people but became aware of it and stopped, but we're talking about actual books here people.) I have emotional attatchments to my books. I only like to loan them out to people if I know for sure they will read them. And I usually am really pushy about getting them back.

Today I was standing in my dining area shaking my protein shake bottle and looked around into the living room, then at the kitchen table and kitchen counter and saw three different stacks of books; books, journals, dictionaries, concordnances, thesaurauses...I need to clean up my book mess but i just felt so happy looking at them.

books. smile. books. sigh.

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