Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skinny feels better than food tastes...blah! blah! blah!

I've been sick to my stomach the past few days. I think it's partially because I have a vivid imagination and have spent the past few days making up stories and scenarios about my husband's time in San Antonio(It doesn't seem like I have a grip on this but I do), and having 2 sick kids and I don't do well when they're sick(I'm a worrier and the last born so not a natural born nurturer) and also because I eat nothing but really crappy food and drink more than one Lo Carb Monster Energy Drink a day. So, out of this list there is one thing I can immediately get a handle on. And, one of my sweet one-anothers is encouraging me and starting tomorrow we are starting a new way of eating.

I don't get excited about diets. Just like when I quit smoking, I am pretty disgruntled about it and not really looking forward to giving up food that I like to eat. I don't like to be told no and I don't like parameters. And, and! and! I don't think of myself as over weight. Until I see a picture that I wasn't prepared to "tuck and tilt" for or when I get really tired and winded and sweaty from putting pants on. Then I think an say awful things to myself. So, something must be done. And to get in the spirit I'm going to throw away all of my snacks that call to me when I'm not supposed to eat them and go to the store and buy lots and lots of frozen veggies, apples, strawberries, green tea some kind of garlic diet bread stick and meat.

"Tuck and Tilt" Tucking in the double chin and slightly tilting your head = SKINNY FACE!

Here I was caught in a "No Tuck and No Tilt" pose. I wasn't on top of my game because I would have a baby 4 days later and too busy wiping sweat off my forehead to worry about it but you get the picture.

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