Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Son and Reign. Sun and Rain.

Today, I sat in my car alone and let the heat of the sun rest on my left arm.  I was listening to music and looking at Facebook on my phone, enjoying the fact that I didn't have to go anywhere or hurry up and do anything.

I was reflecting on our day of running, sweating, swinging and throwing rocks in a creek, and the sun beating down on blonde hair and baby cheeks.

Sitting in my car, I could feel my face getting warm, my sun drenched arm was getting hot and my ears and heart were soaking in words being carried by a melody.  I looked up at the sky and thought that the perfect way to end the perfect day would be a warm, steady rain.

I had coffee with an anointed friend that I feel blessed to sit and talk with.  She speaks life and wisdom and beauty.  We sat in the sunshine and talked and laughed and continued our words into the dark.

The Holy Spirit used her to speak blessings/catalysts of Faith over me.

"God's word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  When we receive a Word from God we feel excited about it and then in a few days if the feeling of excitement is gone, we feel like the Word is gone.  That's why we can't trust our feelings we can only rely on our faith."

"We can't ask God for more love.  We already have all of the love that we can have and we received it on the cross.  And the way we access that love is through faith."

Today was a sunny day that ended in warm, steady reign.

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