Friday, May 11, 2012

A Week in Pictures

life rearranged

This is a "Christ Plant".  Said to be the plant from which Christ's crown of thorns was made.  One of my husbands customers gave it to him.  I like it.  You care for it like a cactus. And I just remembered that I promised the husband that I would put it outside today. 

One of my BFF's, Nikki, is the mother of one of Tucker's BFF's, Gabriel.  This is Tucker taking a shot at Gabriel's birthday pinata.  He really meant business.

I just thought this was funny.  Does anyone remember when it was cool to starch your jeans so heavily that they would be shiney?  Was that only at my high school?  Anyway...I read this and wondered if the makers of faultless had that fresh (as in dope or fly) look in mind when they printed this on the can. Moving on...

My favorite "holy" jeans got a little too "holy" this week.  Contemplating if I could still pull them off.  

This hangs on the walls of all the 
childcare rooms at the church I work for.

The hands of the man that is repairing my van. 
Something admirable about greasy hands.

Dinner at IHOP after a lazy day at home.

It's tough work being protector of the universe.

This song played today and I smiled.  I sent this picture to husband and told him this is my song for him today.  It played on my Doug Stone Pandora station and if you know me I've probably talked to you about my Doug Stone Pandora station in detail with lots of excitement and recommended you make one for yourself.  And, if you don't know me, I highly recommend you create a Doug Stone Pandora station.  I think I could devote an entire blog to my Doug Stone Pandora station and how much I love it and every song played within.  

Have a great week.

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