Thursday, July 11, 2013

Belligerent Pregs

I'm pregnant! This isn't an announcement.{Unless you haven't heard...} I've been pregnant for a while. I'm almost halfway done, in fact.

After weeks of yelling at my husband for no apparent reason, being rude to innocent people in public or on the phone, and not only thinking inappropriate things but saying/texting them, I've come to a comforting conclusion.

I'm belligerent when I'm pregnant.  

Why is this conclusion comforting? Because it will end.

I'm certain that when this baby is born I will go back to smiling at people in public, even if I "don't like their tone".

Maybe I won't misread text messages or Facebook comments and statuses, or take them so personally{and feel the need to express my contempt}.

Things like, Netflix taking too long to load won't end in Ryan talking me off a ledge or the customer service lady at Netflix talking me off a ledge and having to defend the company she works for.

I've always made inappropriate jokes in my head but it's been a while since I couldn't keep them from coming out of my mouth{along with cuss words}.  I'm really hoping I can get a handle on that once this baby comes.

In the mean time, I'll lack self control, manners, and the desire to wear make-up.

Going to eat now.

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