Thursday, July 25, 2013

The day I turned the TV off...

I always have my TV turned on even if no one is watching it.

My husband recently read something to me that said that poor people watch more tv than rich people.  There were other statistics listed but I related to that one the most because we are on the poor side of the poor-to-rich spectrum and we watch a lot of TV.  So, in our efforts to become RICH, turning the TV off seemed like the easiest short term goal to achieve.

The boys and I woke up this morning and went to the store. No TV required.

We came home from the store and ate lunch.  They{the children}were too busy eating to notice that there was no TV.

I put Dalton down for a nap.  I explained to Tucker in my most professional mommy voice, "Today, you can play with Legos, color, play with your trains, or play outside but we are not turning on the TV."
{Nap time is usually when I get my work done, or do nothing at all.}

He chose to color. He colored for ten minutes.  Then, he started crying.  He explained that he just wanted to turn the TV on.  The TV remained off.

After nap time/before dinner, we all sat down to play with Legos together.  Tucker made several comments about how quiet it was and asked me to "keep talking".  By this time I was getting a little anxious and started asking myself how much longer I planned to keep this going.  I lasted 45 more minutes. My teeth un-clenched and my shoulders relaxed when I told Tucker that he could watch TV. 

One thing became clear today...  I should  do this again tomorrow. 

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  1. We've been doing the same thing. I've found a little background music helps fill the quiet up. Especially something bouncy, my kids do chores much faster to Elvis lol.