Monday, February 20, 2012

Here's what I'm eating to loose weight.

Ok I'm not sure what my calories end up being at the end of every day although I'm certain they're pretty low.


Strawberries and lots of them
Apple and Almond or Coconut Milk...I like Almond milk better than coconut


Spiru-tien All Natural Protein Shake Mix mixed with Almond Milk
green tea


ground beef
and lots and lots of vegies
lima beans
green beans
anything. It's all good for you.
And you can snack on all of those through out the day.
Also, since you're calories are so low during the day you can go crazy with oils and butter on your vegies and meat at night. well not crazy but don't skimp.

I've been eating the same thing everyday (except dinner) so i don't stress about preperation or making meal menus and lists or what ever. And dinner's easy, just think of a meat and cook up some

I've been baking vegies like brocolli and squash just to make them taste better. It's a good snack too.
Put, olive oil, salt and pepper in a zip lock along with the vegie and shake the bag until the veggie is covered
put on a cookie sheet and bake at 425 for 15 - 20 minutes (all right reserved to nikki faw faw)

Green Tea in between meals, ...I've been brewing alot at once and putting it in the fridge so it's just like iced tea

Stevia to sweeten I have peach and palmagranite flavor for my tea

I'll be honest I was pretty hungry the first few days. But I just kept telling myself "it's ok to be hungry." And I keep researching things about clean food compared to the foods I
normally eat and I become re motivated.

But, the real key is thinking about it as a form of worship. I'm totally thinking of healthy eating and excersise as building an altar to God only my body is the altar and you only use an altar for
sacred purposes so if you're over-eating or putting bad things in your body then you're turning from God and worshiping other gods because He created you're body so we should take good care of it. :)
You can read more on how I'm hearing God about this here:

Just remember no sugar and no breads and no dairy. Since we don't plow in the feilds these days there's really no reason for adults to have carbs. And research the heck out of clean and simple foods.

...if you have a craving for something and think you may go nuts if you don't eat it just eat it and get over it and keep going.

The End!

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