Friday, April 13, 2012

The little one with faithful feet

This one....
He is the one that stretches.  
He is the one that will walk in faith.  
He has feet that are covered in prayer, faith, and tickles.  
He grabs my face with both hands and pulls it close to his.
He pulls my hair.
He speaks in love babble.
He makes us laugh.
He smiles at strangers.
He smells like baby and boy 
He can't wait to run.
He's a really messy eater.
Mothers of Boys


  1. Oh Sweet! I love it Crissy! adorable - I have one who takes my face in his hands too - My second born :) They are special in different ways - but he's the "mamma's boy" - funny thing is - he's the one who is most like my husband. Sent you an email yesterday w link to Amanda's post to hook you up with the fb page ;)

    1. I emailed her and found you guys on FB. I'm really liking the book so far. :)