Friday, April 6, 2012


 Bubba and I got to go to San Antonio to see Daddy.  
The whole trip was truly a blessing and Tucker was able to get some much needed alone time with Momma and Daddy.

 This is a grumpy 3 year old on a boat tour. 
But luckily Daddy got him to smile for the camera!

 He didn't know I was taking his picture.  

 This is me talking through my teeth..."Is he looking at the camera?  Is he smiling?  Smile Tucker."

Oh you didn't know I had twins?

 Tucker and I rode the train home.  
We had a really great time.  

 Bunny Day!  
We have a really great library 
and they had a free "bunny petting zoo"  
I got some some great pictures.

 This picture was taken right 
after we sat the bunny in his lap.  
He was so excited.

Impromptu Undie Splash Fun!

life rearranged


  1. Your boys are adorable!! :) how fun that the library has a petting zoo!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)
    Happy Easter!!

  2. How sweet!!! Thanks for stopping by Mercy Saved Me.... cherish even the grumpy moments. They fly by and then they will be 7 & 15. YIKES!!!