Friday, April 20, 2012

A Week in Pictures

life rearranged

This has been a really 
fun and really busy week...
....and the replay!

This is what I do when I'm in the car and I'm alone.  I take pictures of myself making funny faces and then try to think of funny captions.  I couldn't come up with a caption for this one.

Zoo Day #1

I really like the angle of this picture.  
Think I'll start taking more like this.  

He didn't want to take a picture by the fish tank!

I love this TX wall! "Kiss My Grits!"

We made walking Tacos! You can see how we made them here.

Had another visit to the Dr. this week.  
We left with sticky lolly pops.

Yummy Salmon Patties! You can find out how I made them here.

Zoo Day #3.  My boys and I are so thankful for and blessed by this group of cuties and their mommas.  If you and your kids don't have a group of cuties I suggest you get a group of girls together and find a story time or something free you can all do weekly. Don't know how I would have got through the past two years with out them.

This guy was at the zoo...and yes that's a shake weight...and yes he's shaking it.  I didn't feel rude taking his picture.  I figure if you're going to bring a shake weight to the zoo you're kind of asking for it.

This sign reminded me how spoiled Americans are.  Not only do we expect to have a multitude of fried, greasy meat to consume in abundance, but we feel so entitled that we will demand it and expect it to be free if we don't get it.  I'm guilty.

And finally, this morning I got to go sit at 
Starbucks all alone for a good half hour.  Then, that seat was filled with good, long conversation.

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