Thursday, May 31, 2012

417. sweat, summer, blue dusk, windows rolled down

Blue dusk in the summer is not quite night but the day hasn't yet ended.  Crickets start to sing and bullfrogs start to sound restless.  The buzz of lawn mowers is replaced with the buzz of locusts.  Laughter seems louder and lights are brighter.  You can barely make out colors and the breeze mixed with sweat cools your skin.

I've listened to loud bands in blue dusk and had  conversations at the top of my lungs.  I've brushed hair away from my face and laughed.  

I've swam and shivered in dark water.  I've floated on my back in blue dusk and heard nothing but the sound of water in my ears and air entering and leaving my lungs.

I've sat on my drive way in blue dusk.  My best friend sitting next to me and we're laughing about the things that girls laugh about.  Our hair and clothes are sweaty and sticky but the breeze cools us off.

I've stood in a big back yard, next to a red brick house, smiling in blue dusk.  Wearing a baseball glove on my right hand and with my left hand I threw a softball to my Granna.  

I've sat on a back porch and talked about things deep from the heart and wondered about things I'd never wondered about.  The blue dusk has a peaceful way of joining a conversation and not ending it.  I breathe it in and close my eyes and listen to blue dusk.  I appreciate a sweaty forehead.

I've ran under low hanging trees in blue dusk. I've laughed and wiped sweat out of my eyelashes.  I've taken off running to tag a friend.  My skin has been itchy and stinky from running and playing.  I've ignored the itchy skin to be able to chase fire flies for a little while longer.  I've sat on the grass as the the sky turned a deeper blue and chugged a can of Dr. Pepper.

Tonight I turned down my street in my mini van and was aware of the blue dusk and big green trees and the dried sweat on the back of my neck and forehead..   The windows were down and my soft music trickled out.  My sweaty boy in the back seat told me how to get home while the wind blew our hair.  

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