Friday, June 1, 2012

Week in Pictures

This is my niece. 
She graduated high school on Sunday.
I'm so impressed by and proud of this girl.

We've spent a good portion of our week swimming.  
Mostly in the octagon blow up pool in the back yard.  Hooray for Big Lots and summer time!

We've also spent a good part of our week at the gym.  
I've started to really like sweating.

And...when we weren't swimming or at the gym, we were walking around Target.  
I've actually just described to you my perfect week.  All that's missing is really good country music. Oh wait....

It's also been a really exciting week over at Doug Stone Pandora.  

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  1. Well you know I have to say the picture of Tucker all I can see is the tv.

    It HAS been an exciting week at Doug Stone pandora! #thankyou