Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Daddy

I wish I'd had a daddy like Ryan. 

He's loves us the way Christ loves the church.
He's sweet...I mean really sweet.
He's a peacemaker
He really wants everyone to be happy all of the time and he tries really hard to make sure we are.
He's fun.
He loves hanging out with Tucker and always says yes when Tucker says, "Can I go woof you Daddy?".
He likes to call and talk to me on the phone.
He puts his arm around me in church.
He's a really great gift giver.
He's drop dead gorgeous.
He loves hugs from his babies.
He tells me he loves his life.
He makes my babies laugh.
He makes me laugh.
He still holds my hand when we walk.
He's quite possibly a mathematical genius.
He works hard.
He always smells good.
He doesn't like to tell me no.
He lets God do work on his heart.
He loves me.... a lot.

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  1. Loved this: "He tells me he loves his life."

    That says it all!