Monday, May 21, 2012

If he can't make you bad he'll make you busy.

I have a gypsy soul.   

I'm always bored.  I'm always searching for something new and exciting.  Luckily I can't afford an Air Stream and I have a husband and two sweet boys that keep me from wanting to leave town.

So instead, I get really excited about things and then find myself bored with them really quickly.  Again, I'm lucky to have a husband that recognizes this in me, other wise I'd probably be signed up for every "home-based business" or multi-level marketing business there is.  Part of this character flaw/admirable quality is that I get roped into things really easily. 

I have stacks of books, that I love, but lately the stacks are overwhelming me and it's apparent that I won't be able to read all of the books I've recently collected.  (Our Dr.'s office GIVES THEM AWAY!) 

I sign up for lots of Bible Studies and now that I've found that you can do them on line I've gone a little crazy.  This morning I almost signed up for another on-line Bible Study and I was really proud of myself when, in the middle of downloading the free study guide, I thought to myself, "There is no way I'll have time for this."  That's when it hit me that I have a bit of problem.  

Basically if you use the words, "cheap", "free", "fun", "great", "awesome" or "expensive but totally worth it" I'll start figuring out a way to work it into my life. 

These are some things that I have been really excited about and then got bored with: 

Blogging- that's right this isn't my first blog
Making lists of things I want
All of the activities I could be signing Tucker up for....forget about it.
Clean eating
Cloth Diapers

Lately I've had this overwhelming feeling that I'm having trouble keeping up with everything I've committed to.  I've asked God, "How can I do all of these things? How can I possibly keep up?" But really, I've just overwhelmed myself trying by to stay entertained.  

Acts 10:36 says that there is peace through Jesus Christ who is Lord of all.  

Hmmm...How many of my activities/interests actually glorify Him?  

 I suppose all of them could be used to bring glory to the Father. But, if I'm overwhelmed and continue to pile things onto my list, none of them can be used to glorify him.    

My point is. Early this year, He gave me a word of simplicity and peace and I've strayed far from that.  So, I'm trimming down the list.  And whatever makes the cut will be compartmentalized appropriately.  

If you've experienced this, pray these words with me:

Jesus, You are Lord of All.  Show me which interests can be used to glorify you in a reasonable, orderly and appropriate way.  I know that I will only find peace in these things if they glorify you in some way.  Reveal to me all things that I've taken on out of greed or irresponsibility. I repent of my irresponsible actions and ask you to forgive me for turning my face from you and turning it towards things.  Please show me what area of my life I'm trying to fulfill with things and activities and pluck out that part of me that is dead and fill it with your life.  Amen!

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