Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick and Easy Dinner-A-Day #3

Quick and Easy 
Dinner-A-Day Challenge
Here's the rules....

  1.   The ingredients have to be purchased in a grocery store/market
  2.   Most of the preperation has to be done in my kitchen.
  3.   Must be quick and easy.

I'll be posting a quick and easy dinner-a-day until Friday.  Enjoy!

We'll call this one...Big Huge Failure!

I can never resist an invite to socialize.  

So, I was at Target picking up french bread, chicken, and shredded pamesian/mozzarella to make a really awesome, quick and easy pizza, when my phone rang.  My friend asked if I wanted to go to McDonalds so I put everything back on the shelves knowing that I was breaking all the rules.  But I don't care I love my friends, they're more fun than blogging, and that's a true story.

He was ready to eat!

  1. Drive to McDonalds
  2. Order your food  
  3. Pay the lady
  4. Talk alot
  5. Laugh alot
  6. Feed the baby lolly pops so dinner can last longer.

It's important to finish what I started and it's important to get in the habit of eating well and spending less but it's most important to connect and love and be loved on

It was just me and Dalton for dinner.  We were Tucker-less and friend-full.



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  2. I am so glad you came.....we had so much fun! I am very thankful for your friendship!

    1. I just saw this Amanda. I am soooo thankful for your friendship. :)