Monday, June 11, 2012

What the Baby Books Don't Tell You

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From the moment you find yourself sitting on your toilet, eyes wide, mouth open, pants on the ground and stick in your hand, you're in the club. The Motherhood Club has it's own set of rules that don't always go along with society's set of rules.  We meet in different locations throughout the week.  There are no sanction fees and never too many members.

Some members join the club willingly and others are thrust into the doors, scared and sometimes alone.  The members, although all very different from each other, have a common understanding. We share a secret language, and can communicate with each other without words but with eye rolls, smiles, chuckles, encouraging nods, tears, or sometimes a look that says "That's my kid your little darling is whooping up on", followed by the mouth twitch/eyebrow raise that says, "sorry".

You can't lose your membership. Once your in the club there's no getting out, no matter what. Before I joined the club I knew there was something that the members knew that I was missing. Something that I couldn't know until I had a child of my own.

For the last couple weeks I've jotted down notes and polled other moms to compose a list of,

"Things I didn't know before I became a mom"

Here's what we came up with:

*I didn't know I could stick my finger in someone else's poop without loosing my lunch.

*I didn't know boogers would be so common in my daily life and picking a big one would make me feel victorious.

*I didn't know I could talk so openly about bodily functions and about mine and my children's private parts.

*How hard it is to bend down to pick up a sippy cup when you're holding a baby and what a relief it is for   someone else to pick it up for you.

*The value of one really good friend

*I never knew I could desperately want time to be something physical I could grab hold of and hold close for as long as I wanted.

*I didn't know I could be so afraid of things that never scared me before.

*I didn't know my entire body could tense up at the sound of my child's cries.

*I never knew I could love my babies so much or that a mother's love could be so fierce.

*I never knew I could understand why a mother would throw herself in front of a rolling car that her babies were in, but now I totally get it.

*I never knew how little sleep I could function on.

*I never knew how much I would get thrown up on, peed on, or pooped on without it bothering me at all!

*I also never realized how much I would enjoy staying home on a Friday or Saturday night watching Disney 

*Meat tenderizer draws the poison out of spider bites...

*I never knew I'd be in bed by 930, when he spends the night at a friends house, but unable to sleep bc hes gone. 

*I never knew I'd be a Sugar Natzi...banning soda, most candy, and "fun" cereal.

*I never knew how much poop would dominate the day.

*I also never knew how I could be home all day, and my house could still be a wreck!

*"Now that mine is 12 I can't wait for her spend the night with a friend....then I worry all night long and can't wait for her to get back home...sheesh!!"

*I never knew my child's tears could bring forth my own.  As if they're magnetically connected.

*Lastly, I didn't know that once I became a mother I would suddenly have love and compassion for all children and become a mother to all.

Do you ever think about the children that can't run to the fridge and grab a cold bottle of clean water?  Or turn on the water hose outside and get a quick drink before they go back to playing?

Are you wondering about the other children now? The children who may be drinking water right now that will kill them?

Watch the video below, then visit by clicking here. to see what you can do.


life rearranged


  1. Okay, I was rolling at the big booger and feeling good. Too funny!

  2. Funny how many of these are poop related, so true! I find going to the bathroom in public with two little ones so challenging. Even if I leave the smaller one in her stroller I usually have to pee with the door open because the darn double stroller won't fit inside any stall...sigh, I just had to share. Have a great week too! :)

  3. Its so true about the poop and boogers...its victorious to pick a big one. LOL