Monday, July 23, 2012

A great weekend to turn 4!

He's four.  
As much as I didn't want him to get big, he did.  
He's been loved beyond measure.  
He's taken first steps and first falls.  
He's had his first boo boo.  
He's run to me with his arms open; crying and laughing. 
He's overcome fear because he has a spirit of power and he knows it.  
He's had his feelings hurt and he's hurt feelings.  
He's learned how to let go of my hand and walk away but he always looks back over his shoulder and smiles at me.  
He touches my cheek and looks in my eyes and says, "I wub you momma."
He's brave and when he doesn't feel brave he tries to act like he is.  
He doesn't know how to tell a joke but he gets them.  
He's strong.  
He can throw.  
He's rough and loud.  
He throws a perfect jab and left hook.  
He remembers everything.  
He loves blue and orange.  
He knows who Jesus is and he knows God can fix anything, "even my trains", he says.  
He's a helper and the very best big brother I've ever seen.  
He loves his sister and smiles a little bigger when she's around. 
He loves his daddy, possibly more than anyone else in this world, even me.  
He's growing.  
He'll keep getting bigger.  
If I shut my eyes, if I look away for a second, I may miss it.  
He's a walking, talking, dreaming, playing, breathing, laughing, roaring, running, jumping, hugging, kissing, answered prayer.

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  1. YAY! Happy Birthday! 4 is such fun! Stopping by from MOB. Enjoy the weekend.