Thursday, July 26, 2012

484. Little white shoes on little sweet feet.

There's not much sweeter than a baby at bed time.

They're so soft and they smell so good.

Dalton saves all his best material for bed time. At about 6:30 he really turns on the charm.

I love the way he rubs his little eyes, holds his bottle to his mouth without drinking anything from it, and holds his little feet out, one at a time, for me to put his shoes on him.

These little shoes used to dominate our day, conversations and prayer time but now, are only part of our bed time routine; just like changing his diaper and putting on pajamas.

Club feet stretched me.  His shoes are like a sweet little birthmark.  They are a part of Dalton and Dalton wouldn't be the same without his little white shoes.

These sweet feet have been prayed for, kissed and rubbed more than most baby feet.

He's the one with faithful feet.


  1. Oh, Crissy, I hadn't read this about your sweet little man. I have already posted that I think he is just precious. I am so sorry he has had to go through this little (big) struggle, but it sounds like he has handled it like a champ. Kiss those sweet little feet for me too, k? :-)