Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week In Pictures

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This is very late!

I have been a blogging slacker.

But, have no fear...here's a peek at our week!

This week, I went to volunteer training for TDCJ (That is Texas Department of Criminal Justice) where I learned what to do in a hostage situation, if an offender starts beating me up, or if two offenders start fighting one another.

I also learned that I may not be cut out for prison ministry because I am someone who "seeks attention and often tries to be class clown".  Praying about it.

 Tucker and Dalton had their Buzz Lightyear/Space birthday party this weekend.

It was hot and fun.

Found myself alone for about 45 yesterday.  Not bad. Not bad at all.

Took these two life long friends to get their 4 year old shots yesterday.  

The first picture is the before.  

The second picture is the after.

I'm in the back ground LOVING my ice cream.

ME: Capturing natural light.

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