Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lets hear it for the boy!

Mothers of Boys
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 This is Tucker's week.

This is what Tucker and I do.  If I was ever asked to define our relationship, I would say, "We just hang out."

He is such a laid back kid.  All he really needs is some special attention every day and then if I could squeeze in some food, he's good.

Look at that pudgy hand.  It's losing it's pudgy.

Trains....I can't imagine my life without these little trains.

A day without sleepy, silly eyes is a day without this boy.

And he looks just like his daddy.

Not much makes this Momma happier than a sweaty kid with dirty knees.

These shoes make me smile.


  1. Oh, I love this! Thanks for finding me, Crissy! I love all things boy and this post makes me smile! Trains, balls, cars, superheroes...we know it all well and wouldn't trade a thing! What precious sons...I also love boys who look like their daddies! Following you now! :-)

  2. I really like this picture too.I dont know if anyon has told you but your a really good photographer.I enjoy taking picture too but I all i have is a cell hone camera right now and it isnt good for kidsa because ittakes like 30 seconds to actually takethe picture.anyway Thanks agan for following me .I enjoy reading comments on my blog.I hae really started liking christian rock(?) over the past few years I always turn in on on sundays while I get some housework done,my son is 14months so Im rely trying to develope his interest now,can you imagine how good life would be if someone taught us adults about god when we where little like him,I think its important he knows jesus early.

  3. I also just notice the exact train my son J.J. and LOVES.I'm assuming your boys love trains or just thomas too.Thats funny.My husband has alo gotten my son into monstertrucks now. Boys and there toys.lol