Friday, July 6, 2012

Week in Pictures

Sunday: It was raining and sunny.

My mom said, "I've always heard that means it will rain tomorrow."
I said, "I always heard that means the devil is beating up his wife."

Monday:  One of our favorite things to do is go to the museum with some of our favorite people.

Dalton is old enough to enjoy it now too.

My Birthday was Tuesday and I got a seriously awesome camera so I don't have any instagrams from my birthday, but I did hang out with this gal.  And we had fun.  Now I'm the same age as Jesus.

Wednesday:  Hung out with this gal again and we let our husbands come along.

We had a fun 4th sweating and sitting on blankets at the horse races.

Thursday:  My mentor took me to lunch for my birthday at Boca de Beppe.  The food was incredible but the bathroom was my favorite part. was this guy's very 1st birthday! Tucker picked out his cake and then Kenny{a word that means Grandma} and Gramps came over for cake a presents.

You can read more about Dalton's birthday by clicking here.


  1. "Someone has soiled the air!" That is hilarious. I have to show that picture to my kids.

    1. My favorites are the first one and the last one.