Friday, July 6, 2012

A year of crooked feet

The one with faithful feet made a very loud entry.  {a boy loud but a presence of holler.} We snuggled the moment we met and he still nuzzles close when he's tired. 

His feet were crooked but his body is strong and he hasn't stopped moving since.

His smile is unrelenting and I can't get enough of it.

He has separation anxiety and I don't mind at all.

His brother taught me how to love and this one teaches me about mercy.

He bites when he's sleepy but he sings to me too.

Nuzzling, snuggling, crooked feet, sleeping, crying, screaming, early morning, late night, sleepy days, grumpy mommy, sleep boy, happy baby, casts on both legs, Christ's vision, Spirit eyes, rolling, crawling, pulling, bottles, cups, one blue eye bigger, soft food, first tooth, finger food, first word, finally sleeping through the night, reaching, screeching, kissing Daddy, hugging Bubba, singing, clapping, standing, steps, and cake.  Oh my, how a year can fly.

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  1. Crissy, this post just makes me smile...and maybe a little teary too! My 14 month old bites us too, but I find it hard to be mad at him because he always does it when he's happy and playing or trying nuzzle against us and love us. He comes at us with that mouth wide open, and we cringe but can't resist him. Haha! Your little man is just adorable...especially in the picture with the phone to his ear and those gorgeous blue eyes!