Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sometimes He sends a bubble....

Heavy things were happening this week in Embrace Grace. 
Things that are too much for one heart to bare. 

We came together for prayer this week.  And, because of the heaviness, 
we invited all praying people.  We gathered outside of our church 
and while we prayed the Holy Spirit spoke and 
filled out hearts.  He deposited supernatural courage, 
peace, and authority. Then, His words poured out of our mouths. 

We listened.
He spoke.
We spoke.
He listened.

During class, a little while later, I sat on the floor.  I was surrounded by Blooms but from where I sat, there was only one face I could see. Salina, spoke to the girls about identity and while she spoke the face I could see was troubled. She is a young, beautiful Bloom.  And though she's young, because of her tiny frame, she looks even younger than she is. Her hair was pulled back in a "new mom" pony tail.  Her beautiful eyes were red and teary.  He lips were tight as she was trying to keep them from quivering.  She kept her chin down.  Her eyes were pointed at the table but she was looking at something miles, or maybe even years away. Her expression was one of secret torment and I knew in that moment she was hearing whispers from the devil and believing his lies. My friend sitting next to me saw it too. So, we prayed for her silently until the end of the lesson.

Every week, Blooms,{also know as Embrace Grace mommas}, come to church with babies in there bellies and worries on their hearts. Every week, they leave a little more encouraged and a little more hopeful.  By the end of the semester they look, talk, and behave differently.  They're lighter. 

At the end of class, Salina always has a sweet assignment for the girls to do during our small group time. This week's assignment was filled with chatter and giggling.  I remained sitting on the floor during small group time. I caught view of Salina out of the corner of my eye and in the second before I looked at her, I thought she was blowing bubbles. Bubbles in class would be a little out of the ordinary, but you never know with Salina.  But when I looked at her, I saw that she wasn't blowing bubbles, she was just talking to someone. 

The Lord, used that to give me a vision.  Sometimes I take my 2 year old to story time. At the end of story time they take out the bubble machine and spray a cloud of bubbles over the excited toddlers.  The toddlers stand up and giggle and dance and eagerly grab at the bubbles. The Lord said, "Y'all {Yes, the Lord says "y'all" all the time.} pour love, encouragement, and prayers out over these Blooms and they receive them with the same eagerness and excitement as the little ones do the bubbles."

I thought that was sweet and it gave me the courage I needed to 
pull that Bloom with the sad eyes aside and pray with her.

Yesterday was a cold and very windy day.  I was driving down a very busy street.  While I was drinking my coffee and listening to the radio, my mind was going over about 150 different things as usual.  If I would have blinked, I would have missed it..... One single bubble floating over the road!  I looked around to see where it might have come from.  There were not any bubbles anywhere except the one bubble floating passed my car on a four lane street. I became emotional and my heart was racing. "Oh Jesus" is all I could say. 

Because of the bubble I felt significant and noticed. But, that bubble wasn't just for me. It was for me to share.  If you're going through heart ache, or feeling insignificant, I feel like the Lord is saying, "I see you. I'm here. Reach for me."

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