Tuesday, March 25, 2014


In his presence there is never a cold day. The temperatures are not extreme. They're always mild. The sun isn't too harsh. In fact, it's that just before sunset sunlight. The kind that is the best when you're at the lake, sitting in the back of a truck, with a damp towel wrapped around your shoulders, laughing, while your favorite summer time songs play in the background. 

In his presence everything makes since. Even the hard stuff. Looking at your baby's soft, perfectly beautiful face, you suddenly understand why you never knew that you were one of the pretty girls and how to help your own daughter embrace her beauty and femininity. 

In his presence darkness has to leave. It's like feeling afraid and intimidated in a dark room and flipping on a light. Your fear leaves as quickly as the light flipped on. He is the light. 

In his presence you see the young girl who always felt different and unwanted and as you stand with him, he reveals just how accepted you are and have always been. 

In his presence you are aware that you are covered. His feathers cover you the same way the blood of his son covers you. In his presence you are covered and protected. 

In his presence you are bold and you stand boldly before him as a son or daughter. You ask things of him that only a child would. He listens and is so glad that you came to him first, before you worried, or asked someone else. 

In his presence, you are reminded that you are flesh. That your flesh is the final vail keeping you from seeing his eternal face. When you received salvation through Jesus Christ you stepped into eternity. When the vail is lifted, the rest of infinity will be before you. No question will go unanswered no door will be closed to you. Like turning pages in a book, with every turn of the page, more of his glory will be revealed.  In his presence you are humbled because of your flesh. Your flesh reminds you that you are not the creator but that you were created and any power or knowledge that you have comes from the one who created you and everything he has is yours. 

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