Monday, March 10, 2014

Upcycle: Baby Clothes

My first TUTORIAL! So exciting!

I have lots of baby clothes that are a little too dingy or stained to give away but I still like the color or pattern. So.... I thought instead of throwing them away, I would 
UPCYCLE them in the girliest way possible! 
Hair bow city!

You will need:
 an article of clothing (It doesn't have to belong to your baby.)
a pair of scissors
2 small felt circles
glue gun
black or white elastic 
(Or any color elastic that matches your fabric.)
6 pieces of tulle that are slightly larger than the ribbon spools
...and a pen

Go ahead and plug in your glue gun now!
Don't be like me and forget.

Select your article of clothing. 
These cute little pants are high waters on my sweet baby now. 


Use the materials you see above to draw circles on both sides of the pants.


Cut the pant legs off....

so you can...

Cut out the circles. I used 8 for this headband.

Now it's tulle time...

I put my tulle on top of the circle pattern and cut 
both at the same time... I cut 6 tulle circles.

Now the fun starts....
3 words: Hot.Glue.Gun {I know. It makes me smile too.}

Put a dot of glue in the center of one of your felt circle.

Grab one of your freshly cut circles of fabric...

Fold the circle in half and stick it to the glue.

Did I mention this is so easy?


Keep repeating.

Turn your circle a quarter ways before gluing on the next two half circles. 

Now you can...

Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your circle.
Turn your circle a quarter ways.
Stack 3 tulle circles and fold them in half.
Glue and repeat.

Now, pay close attention.

Fold your circle in half and then push the corners inward.
Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your circle and glue. 
Repeat 4 times....
It should look like that. 
Now, if you want, you can glue a button, gem, or 
flower right there in the center of the circle.

Or you can...

...kinda squeeze it and fluff it a little 
and then put little glue 
dots here and there to 
hold it in it's place.

still more gluing...

Get your elastic band and measure to the person's 
head that will wear this headband.
Leave an extra half inch or so for gluing.

Now take that other felt circle and glue it to the inside of your headband. 

 Almost finished...

Hot glue the circles together.



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