Monday, February 6, 2012

107. "Mama! Will you make me be uh airplane?"

Before I became pregnant with Dalton, Tucker and I spent alot of time wrestling. But, the bigger I got, the harder it got to even sit and play on the floor with him. Then, with a new baby I had just stopped all together. My poor, patient little guy has spent a lot of time waiting for someone to play with him and even playing by himself.

Today, I was sitting...well, the computer and he came up beside me and put his sweet pudgy hand on my arm and said, "Mama, will you make me be uh airplane?" And, of course I responded with, "Uh-huh, just a second." And he sweetly went back to what he was doing with his trains. I have to admit, I didn't hear his question at first. It took a minute for it to sink in what he was asking. I'm certain it was the Holy Spirit that made the question echo, "Mama, will you make me be uh airplane?" Then, I knew he was remembering; Remembering smiles and laughter and my complete and total attention on nothing but him.

I went and sat next to him on the floor. He didn't ask again. He just showed me his trains and talked about his tracks. And then I asked him, "Do you want to be an airplane?" He looked up at me and smiled so sweetly, like he'd been waiting alot longer than a few minutes for me to ask him. We played airplane. And then we played trains, and kung-fu panda (which involves him running at me and hitting me with his tummy). And we smiled and laughed and my complete and total attention was on nothing but him.

Thank you God for reminding me that I'm more than just a mother. I'm a mommy and that's a very important job and I should perform the required duties often. Thank you God for trusting me with such an important person, my sweet, tender, Tucker.

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