Monday, March 26, 2012

"It may have been the wrong story but it was still story"

I didn't know I had a story in me....  

I didn't know all of these thoughts over-lapping words were stories waiting to be written.  I'm a believer of perfect love conquering fear; a girl with thoughts of worry; a mother with stories of laughter, play and meaningful stuff and things; and a wife with celebrations of intense, heart-beating, love capturing untruth.

I didn't know it couldn't stay in me anymore.  If I hadn't started writing it it all would have irrupted out of my mouth in one big explosive spilling forth of spoken words and you would have looked at me crazy.

I didn't know there was a relief from the tap-tap-tapping out of words; words that interrupted words that interrupted thoughts that tapped out faster than the words could keep up. I didn't know the compounding of words and thoughts was a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

I didn't know there was an effortless expression of the things God speaks to me.  I didn't know there was a steady, sure-footed way to share words gifts with you.

I didn't know some people enjoy their lives as it happens, segmenting their enjoyments and labeling the moments.  I have to bear on moments after they pass in the form of written words.  By writing the moments I can hold them in my clutches and wonder on them until I'm ready to set them free with word sharing and story telling.

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