Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's been a day...

Days like today, I hold grace heavy in a heap in my arms, passing out pinches and morsels.  It's just enough for the ones I love to put on the tips of their tongue while I lap it up fully; panting in-between gulps.  Their amount from me is just enough to make them crave more while I take in too much and fail to recognize how refreshing it is.  

Soon, I find myself devouring it, only allowing my heart and mind to attend to the boundless amounts I can consume.  While hunched over my heap I become agitated by disturbances.  I look up wild eyed and bark words and return to my abundance.  Several times this transpires before The Giver of Grace taps me on the shoulder. I turn from my heap of grace and see that it's Him.  He put's His hand on my shoulder, clears His throat, and motions His head toward the ones we love.

I wipe my bedraggled mouth with my forearm and my stomach heaves forth a loud burp.  I see them all standing raggedly; sweating and panting.  The Giver is standing behind them all and they are looking up at Him with their hands held open, ready to receive. He waves His hand above them and as His hand goes over each head they are doused with grace. 

He does this until each is oozing with it and they are thirsty no more.  He looks at me, smiles lovingly, and waves me over to them.  Seeing The Giver give so freely I throw my heap of grace in the air.  It floats above us like glowing, white, feathers and easily falls upon us like a warm blanket.

Matthew 10:8 "Freely you have received, freely give."

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