Thursday, January 10, 2013


This little house is quiet tonight. The house still smells like the meat loaf muffins that I burned mixed with the aroma of my dinner, falafel.

Husband and big brother are in my bedroom bonding over video games while little brother and I play in the living room under lamp light and a murmuring television.

Little brother is up way past his bed time (almost 2 hours) because he's making me laugh. Several times i've blown up a whoopsie cushion for him and then he places it on the floor and rolls his body over it. Now he's become bored with me and he's laying on the floor quietly examining my hat.

Little brother is getting bigger, smarter, and funnier. And I am writing this for no other reason than to freeze this moment and have it forever. I'm breathing in the lamp light and letting little brother's little sounds and chatter wash over me.

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